Domaine Daulny

Sancerre Domaine Daulny 2018, Loire, France
Domaine Daulny
Sancerre Domaine Daulny 2018
Sancerre Domaine Daulny 2018, Loire, France  Grape variety, 100% Sauvignon Blanc unoaked.  A stunning example of classic Sauvignon Blanc. Pure, crisp grassy fruit on the nose with...
Sancerre Rose Domaine Daulny, Loire, 2018
Domaine Daulny
Sancerre Rose Domaine Daulny 2018
Sancerre Rosé Domaine Daulny, Loire, 2018  100% Pinot Noir  Minimal skin contact with the wine produces delicate notes of summer fruits with a hint of citrus, leading to a...