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Burgundy Rules


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Burgundy Rules - Wine Tasting 

Thursday, 21 May 2020 (7:30pm-9:00pm) 

#1 It’s French

#2 Its wines are famous & expensive. 

#3 There’s not much of it to go around. 

#4 It uses Pinot Noir for Reds and Chardonnay for Whites. 

#5 Worldwide, everyone tries to imitate it, to varying degrees of success. 

#6 Don’t ask about ‘Fight Club’, sorry that should read ‘Burgundy’. 

And, most importantly, Rule #7, is Ignore Rule #6.

Please DO ask us about wines from Burgundy and come to the tasting to try them for yourself!

If you’re willing to spend time and a considerable amount of cash, eventually, you’re going to discover your favourite Burgundy.

It will take a long time and it will set you back money that probably could have been spent elsewhere.

But, when you find ‘The bottle’, you’ll realise why so many winemakers are constantly striving to achieve the ultimate goal: The ‘perfect bottle’ of wine IS a Burgundy!

Pinot Noir is incredibly good at picking up every nuance from the soil in the vineyard. If the sub-soil changes, if the elevation and aspect of the slope changes, the grapes will reflect it, and the finished wines will all be subtly different from each other. Then, taking into account the vine age and yields, winemaking techniques, barrel ageing (or not), the ‘house style’ of the various producers, and the myriad of individual vineyards (with the same designation) owned by numerous wineries, you can soon see that the wines are going to be very varied. Stylistically, Pinot Noir wines from Burgundy also taste very different in their first years compared to when they have been aged for a decade, or more.

So many wines to try, so little time!

Chardonnay, on the other hand, will grow almost anywhere, but site selection is still critical to get the very best out of the grape. Nothing quite tastes like a top-end Chablis, or a barrel fermented Meursault.

Many try, but you’re more likely to get an insipid, bland white (unoaked), or something that only tastes of wood (with no sense of place, or fruit).

The problem is that many people are put off by the very word, ‘Chardonnay’ so, thankfully, in Burgundy, it appears rarely on the label.

You can buy Burgundies from individual growers, or from large merchant houses and the quality will vary within both groups. Taste, taste, taste. It’s the only way to find which wine you enjoy the most.

So, there’s actually no excuse to miss any of these delicious wines. Burgundy rules…OK! #FraziersWineStudio #Solihull

The event: Eight exciting wines to taste and compare. A mix of prices to highlight both quality and value. Entertaining talk/information on the relevant subject matter. No prior knowledge required, so you won't have to 'swot up' before arriving. 

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Thursday, 21 May 2020
7:30 PM
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