Dessert Wine

Dessert Wine, Pudding Wine, Sweet Wine, or Stickies as the Australians call them. Great with most cheeses, chocolate and all things sweet at the end of the meal. Also why not try with a rich paté as a starter?

Mitchell Noble Semillon, Half Bottle, Clare Valley, South Australia,  2018
Michell Estate
Mitchell Noble Semillon 2018
Mitchell Noble Semillon, Half Bottle, Clare Valley, South Australia,  2018   100% Semillon late harvest.  The Semillon grapes for this wine were picked 5 weeks after the rest of the vintage was harvested with a...
Original Gros Manseng Vin Orange 2018
Original Regal Gros Manseng
Original Regal Gros Manseng Vin Orange 2018
Rigil Gros Manseng Vin Orange 2018  Our very first Orange wine, from Cahors in Southwest France.Orange wine is fast becoming increasingly popular, made with wild yeasts and a minimum intervention approach with minimal sulphur added, it has a golden...