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Easter - Wine & Chocolate Tasting

Friday, 03 April 2020 (7:30pm-9:00pm)

Wine and chocolate?

Normally associated with gifts, dinner parties and romantic evenings!

But it can be so much more…

There’s no reason not to pick a perfectly matched wine to go with your favourite chocolate at Easter.

Rich, sweet-tasting whites; dark, powerful reds; delicate sparkling; fortified wines (Port, PX Sherry, Madeira); all of these styles have a flavour profile that works best with particular types of chocolate.

Soft textured, sweet, milk chocolate. This uses a lower proportion of cocoa (up to 30%-40%), along with sugar, dairy, vanilla and, sometimes, other added flavours. No real bitterness. A broad range of dessert whites will pair well with this form of chocolate. The Swiss are known for their use of milk chocolate, along with likes of Cadbury in the UK. Too commercial for some? “Crème Egg”, anyone?

White chocolate contains only “cocoa butter” and sugar. Some say, as there are no “cocoa solids” used, white chocolate isn’t really chocolate at all. It’s really sweet and creamy textured and you’ll see how it works with Muscat/Moscato based wines.

For the purists, the only chocolate worth having has to be dark. Cocoa, at a level of 60%-70%, is considered the norm, and gives a good balance of sweetness and bitterness. The intensity of flavour increases as the level of cocoa rises, but the chocolate does become gradually bitter tasting. The Belgians are considered to be masters of this style, but, like wine, there are great examples made worldwide. Try these with a glass of red, or some fortified wine.

Unsweetened, dark chocolate (80%+ cocoa) is, generally, used only for cooking, as it’s too bitter.

Depending on the source of the cacao beans, chocolate can have varying degrees of fruitiness and, like wine made from different grape varieties, you can distinguish various fruit characters.

Surprisingly, cacao trees are found in very few countries. Most are in Central & South America and in West Africa with, in recent years, rapid growth in Indonesia.

Global chocolate sales are huge… worth around $100 billion a year. Wine is three times as much!

Go on, make your contribution. #FraziersWineStudio #Solihull

The event: Eight exciting wines to taste and compare. A mix of prices to highlight both quality and value. Entertaining talk/information on the relevant subject matter. No prior knowledge required, so you won't have to 'swot up' before arriving. 

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Friday, 03 April 2020
7:30 PM
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