Malbec also called Auxerrois or Côt Noir in Cahors, and Pressac in other places, the grape became less popular in Bordeaux after 1956 when frost killed off 75% of the crop. The Malbec was replanted and continued to be popular in that area where it was mixed with Merlot and Tannat to make dark, full-bodied wines, and more recently has been made into 100% Malbec varietal wines.

Wine expert Jancis Robinson describes the French style of Malbec common in the Libournais (Bordeaux region) as a "rustic" version of Merlot, softer in tannins and lower in acidity with blackberry fruit in its youth.  Oz Clarke describes Cahors' Malbec as dark purple in colour with aromas of damsons, tobacco, garlic, and raisin. In Argentina, Malbec becomes softer with a plusher texture and riper tannins. The wines tend to have juicy fruit notes with violet aromas.

Gouguenheim Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina 2017
Gouguenheim Winery
Gouguenheim Malbec 2017
Gouguenheim Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina 2017  100% Malbec with 4 months in French Oak  Bright red with big cherry and plum flavours with a classic Malbec bite to the finish. Well balanced acidity and a long finish. Good structure with...
Camarada Seleccion Especial Malbec, Menoza, Argentina, 2018
La Riojana
Camarada Seleccion Especial Malbec 2018
Camarada Seleccion Especial Malbec, Menoza, Argentina, 2018  100% Malbec half aged with oak for for 5 months This full bodied dry red wine offers delightful blackberry and morello aromas on the nose. With great flavours of red fruit and black...
Doña Paula Malbec, Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina, 2018
Dona Paula
Dona Paula Malbec 2018
Doña Paula Malbec, Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina, 2018  Grape variety, 100% Malbec unoaked  Intense purplish red colour, bramble, spice and cigar box aromas, sweet with notes of red fruits and herbs. On the palate, this...
Finca del Alta Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina 2019
Finca del Alta
Finca del Alta Malbec 2019
Finca del Alta Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina 2019  100% Malbec with a touch of oak.  This wine is an attractive deep garnet colour with aromas of red cherries and hints of blackberries on the nose. A great value Malbec for enjoying with...
La Vedette Malbec
La Vedette
La Vedette Malbec
La Vedette Malbec, Vin de Pays D'Oc, France  Grape variety, Malbec  Aromas of ripe black plums and rich redcurrants, which follow through onto the palate together with hints of Cassis and wood smoke. A harmonious and well balanced wine.  A...
Las Pampas Malbec 2018
Las Pampas
Las Pampas Malbec 2018
Las Pampas Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina 2018   100% Malbec  A rich Malbec with violet aromas and lovely damson and plum fruits on the palate with notes of cherries and red summer berries. Soft tannins with a subtle hint of underlying...
Las Pampas Shiraz Malbec 2018
Las Pampas
Las Pampas Shiraz Malbec 2018
Las Pampas Shiraz Malbec 2018, Mendoza, Argentina  A perfect blend of Shiraz and Malbec.  This medium to full bodied blend draws rich black cherry flavours from the Malbec and spicy, peppery undertones from the Shiraz, with soft tannins...
Made in Mendoza Malbec 2019, Mendoza, Argentina
Made In Mendoza
Made in Mendoza Malbec 2019
Made in Mendoza Malbec 2019, Mendoza, Argentina  100% Malbec  Forest fruits and black plum with hints of milk chocolate. This wine has a bright and crunchy fruit palate with supple tannins and a moreish finish. 
Parlez-Vous Malbec, France, 2018
Parlez Vous
Parlez Vous Malbec 2018
Parlez-Vous Malbec, France, 2018   100% Malbec  A great value Malbec from the south of France with an expressive bouquet of blackcurrant, lots of bramble fruit flavours with a nice soft and velvety finish on the palate.  A great...
Uvas del Sol Malbec 2017, Mendoza, Argentina
Uvas del Sol
Uvas del Sol Malbec 2018
Uvas del Sol Malbec 2018, Mendoza, Argentina  Grape variety, Malbec 100%  Soft and pleasant Argentinian Malbec, rich and juicy with a lovely soft finish.   Intense red colour with purple hues, fruity aromas reminiscent of ripe red...