Malbec also called Auxerrois or Côt Noir in Cahors, and Pressac in other places, the grape became less popular in Bordeaux after 1956 when frost killed off 75% of the crop. The Malbec was replanted and continued to be popular in that area where it was mixed with Merlot and Tannat to make dark, full-bodied wines, and more recently has been made into 100% Malbec varietal wines.

Wine expert Jancis Robinson describes the French style of Malbec common in the Libournais (Bordeaux region) as a "rustic" version of Merlot, softer in tannins and lower in acidity with blackberry fruit in its youth.  Oz Clarke describes Cahors' Malbec as dark purple in colour with aromas of damsons, tobacco, garlic, and raisin. In Argentina, Malbec becomes softer with a plusher texture and riper tannins. The wines tend to have juicy fruit notes with violet aromas.

Parlez-Vous Malbec, France, 2018
Parlez Vous
Parlez Vous Malbec 2018
Parlez-Vous Malbec, France, 2018   100% Malbec  A great value Malbec from the south of France with an expressive bouquet of blackcurrant, lots of bramble fruit flavours with a nice soft and velvety finish on the palate.  A great...