The grape most likely originated in the Northern Rhône region where it is widely planted today. It is a principal component of the white wines from the Hermitage, Crozes-Hermitage and Saint-Joseph AOCs. Marsanne produces deeply coloured wines that are rich and nutty, with hints of spice and pear. 

Ermitage ‘De L’Orée’  Blanc, M Chapoutier, Hermitage, Northern Rhome, France 2015
Michel Chapoutier
Ermitage Blanc De L Oree 2015 M Chapouter
Ermitage ‘De L’Orée’  Blanc, M Chapoutier, Hermitage, Northern Rhome, France 2015   3.5ha, 100% Marsanne The grapes producing “De l’Orée” come from the plot ‘Les Murets’...