Nebbiolo (Italian), or Nebieul (Piedmontese) is a red Italian wine grape variety predominately associated with the Piedmont region. Nebbiolo produces lightly coloured red wines which can be highly tannic in youth with scents of tar and roses. As they age, the wines take on a characteristic brick-orange hue at the rim of the glass and mature to reveal other aromas and flavours such as violets, tar, wild herbs, cherries, raspberries, truffles, tobacco, and prunes. Nebbiolo wines can require years of aging to balance the tannins with other characteristics.

Barolo Albe G. D. Vajra, Barolo, Piemonte, Italy, 2015
Albe G D Vajra
Barolo Albe G D Vajra 2015
Barolo Albe G. D. Vajra, Barolo, Piemonte, Italy, 2015  100% Nebbiolo aged in large oak vats for 26 to 32 months.  This wine has a complex bouquet with aromas of red fruits and plums with hints rose petals, sweet red fruits and a hint of...
Barolo Fontanafredda 2015
Barolo Fontanafredda 2015
Barolo, Fontanafredda, Barolo, Italy 2015  100% Nebbiolo with at least two years in large casks made of oak (from Slavonia and mid-France), followed by no less than twelve months in the bottle.  This Barolo has an attractive ruby-red colour...
Barolo, Manfredi, Piemonte, Italy, 2016
Barolo Manfredi 2016
Barolo, Manfredi, Piemonte, Italy, 2016  100% Nebbiolo with 3 years maturation in oak.  Open and spicy nose with notes of berry fruits, plum, wood smoke and leather. Rich red berry fruit on the palate with good concentration, hints of...
Nebbiolo, Pio Cesare, Langhe DOC, Piemonte 2016
Pio Cesare
Nebbiolo Pio Cesare 2016
Nebbiolo, Pio Cesare, Langhe DOC, Piemonte, Italy 2016  100% Nebbiolo aged in medium-toasted French oak for 24 months: 20% in barriques, 80% in 20-50 hectolitre casks.  Intense and ripe berry fruit along with mild and almost sweet...