Expect a wonderful vintage from Beaujolais in 2017

Just in from our growers in Burgundy Philippe and Xavier Barbet at Jean Loron.

All the grapes in Beaujolais are hand harvested. 

“As already announced end of June, 2017 is a great vintage for the red wines and a good vintage for white wines. Even though the Beaujolais region has encountered ups and downs in terms of yield over the past few years; it has produced wonderful and amazing vintages: 2009, 2011, 2015 and now 2017”

They continue “It is a small harvest with a low yield (even without the vineyards touched by the hailstorms) but the quality is excellent. The number of bunches per vine is quite high, around 13 instead of 9 -10 on average. The bunches are yet short with small berries and thick skins, explaining this low yield. The first juices are great: nice maturity with a perfect balance on acidity, an intense colour and various aromas, depending on the different « terroirs ». It is a wonderful vintage!”.

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