Rias Baixas

The Rías Baixas (Galician for "Lower Rias") are a series of four estuarine inlets located on the south-western coast of Galicia, Spain. A specific type of white wine, Albariño, originated in the Rías Baixas and now takes up 90% of the wine produced there. This wine is especially successful in the area because the vines are able to withstand and even thrive in the moist, coastal, climate.

Albarino Bernon Bodega Aquitania 2017
Bernon Bodega Aquitania
Albarino Bernon Bodega Aquitania 2017
Albarino Bernon Bodega Aquitania 2017, Rias Baixas, Galicia, NW Spain        Grape variety, 100% Albarino   Dry, crisp and refreshing white wine from this coastal region, light yellow in appearance, with fresh citrus and...