Sauternes and Barsac

Sauternes is famous for sweet wines such as Yquem, Raymond-Lafon and Rieussec. They are among the best dessert wines in the world. Sauternes is made with noble rot (also called botrytis, a moisture covering the grape), Because soils are so diverse, and each house has its own way of making the golden wine, Sauternes is a very personalized wine. Sauternes are often delicious, golden, unctuous and delicate. The famous roasted note comes when Sauternes is a little bit older. Sauternes has its own ranking shared with Barsac.

Chateau Barbier Sauternes 2007
Chateau Barbier
Chateau Barbier Sauternes 2007
Chateau Barbier Sauternes 2007, Bordeaux, France  Grape variety, a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon  From a separate property owned by the Médeville family, 2007 was a great Sauternes vintage and this has lovely honeyed fruit,...