The benefits to buying En Primeur.

En Primeur is a way of buying wines before they have been released and in most cases are still in barrel. The prices stated are ‘pre-release’ prices per case, for wines to be shipped directly from the Chateau or Domaine to our chalk cellars in Buxton.

Many of the finest wines produced in France are highly sought after and the demand worldwide for such wines far outstrips supply. Indeed, the quantities produced are often miniscule, sometimes only a few barrels of certain wines.  By the time these wines are ready to drink, they are almost impossible to find and even when they become available they can demand extraordinarily high prices. The traditional wine merchant goes some way to solving this problem by buying wines En Primeur, when the wine is still in barrel and yet to finish the production process. It is a way of buying that the Frazier’s Wine Merchants has followed for many years.

Each year we assess the new vintage. Our buying team visits long established suppliers as well as potential new sources to taste the wines whilst they are still in barrel. Once our judgements have been made we confirm our requirements. The wines that we buy remain in barrel until the maturation time is complete and the wines ready for bottling. Over the years, we have built up longstanding relationships and friendships with producers, which ensures that we have access to the top wines at the most advantageous prices.

Following our buying trips, we produce an En Primeur offer which enables our customers to buy their wines for the future. It is “investing in the future”. When the wine is ready we ship the consignments into our bonded warehouse in Melton where they can be stored in perfect temperature controlled conditions or, if you so wish, can be removed from our bond to put into  your own cellar.


Why would i buy wine En Primeur?

To buy at preferential prices

Take advantage of special ‘pre-release’ prices. By committing to stock early, Frazier’s Wine Merchants are guaranteed a low ‘release’ price that we pass on to you. By buying En Primeur you can get the best possible prices on the pick of the vintage.

To secure limited parcels

The very nature of fine wine means that most of wines in our En Primeur election are only available in very limited quantities. Therefore, many of them  sell out before they are released and buying En Primeur is the only way to  secure your case.

Simply for enjoyment

Most of our customers buy wines En Primeur to build up a cellar of interesting wines. Buying En Primeur isn’t limited to fine wine but is an affordable and easy way to buy exciting pre-release wines at all price levels. 

To be added to our list of en primeur offers sent out by email please complete the contact form below.