How to Decant Wine or Port

In this short video John Frazier shows you how to open and decant that special bottle of wine or port.

Decanting is done for two reasons. One, with many wines aged in the bottle there can be sediment – this does not taste good!

Two, the act of pouring the wine into a decanter allows air, especially oxygen, into the wine. This opens the wine up, and allows it to breathe. Aerating the wine is helpful for a young wine or a wine that needs softening. Young clarets or other wine high in tannins can really benefit from aerating before drinking.

In Champagne they even decant Champagne! About the only wine that doesn’t benefit is mature red Burgundy, as it can be so delicate you simply remove the existing subtle elements.

So, decant your wines to get the most enjoyment out of them.