Whether you’re having a small celebration or looking after 500 people for a week, we’re here to help you with all your drinks – Wines, Champagnes, Beers, Mineral Waters, Spirits, Mixers, and anything else in between.

If you’re local, we even organise glass loan – including decanters, Port and Sherry Glasses.

Wedding day wines can add serious expense to your big day – but it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s much better value to negotiate a corkage rate with your venue, then select the wines you want yourself.

We can help you choose the perfect drinks for your Wedding – from aperitifs and wines to match your food, to perfect fizz for your toasts or a delightful pudding wine. We even offer bespoke personalised wine labels – so you can easily add your own design.

Call us now on 0121 7043415 to see how we can help make your wedding extra special.

Sale or Return drinks for your wedding or party*

Having a large party? Why not take advantage of our handy sale or return service? You can return any amount of unopened and undamaged bottles of wine or Champagne, and full cases of minerals and beers. We may have to add a collection charge if you return over a third of the total order.

Glass Loan for your wedding or party*

If you buy all your wine from us we can supply all the glasses you need free. You’ll just need to pay a deposit of £1.95 per glass. Broken glasses cost £1.95 and we charge £2.50 a dozen to clean dirty glasses. Glasses arrive clean, but may need a bit of a polish before you use them.

 *Local Customers only

 call 0121 7043415 or email customerservices@frazierswine.co.uk to find out more.