Step into the diverse world of spirits with Frazier's Wine Merchants, where connoisseurs and casual sippers will find an exceptional array of distilled delights. Our Spirits collection is a carefully curated treasure trove featuring the finest from traditional distilleries and cutting-edge artisans.

A Spectrum of Distinct Flavours
Our selection spans the globe and the flavour spectrum:

  • Gin: Dive into botanical wonders, from classic London Dry to contemporary flavoured gins.
  • Whisky: Savour the rich tapestry of single malts, smooth blends, and peaty wonders from Scotland, Ireland, and beyond.
  • Rum: Explore the sweet, spiced, and aged varieties that pay homage to the Caribbean's sunny climes.
  • Vodka: Enjoy the crisp, clean taste of premium vodkas, perfect for elegant cocktails or neat enjoyment.
  • Brandy & Cognac: Experience the warmth of expertly crafted brandies and the sophistication of Cognac.
    Craftsmanship in Every Bottle

Each spirit we offer has been chosen for its quality, character, and the craftsmanship that goes into every bottle. Whether you're looking to expand your home bar or seeking the perfect gift for a spirit enthusiast, our collection is sure to have something that will intrigue and delight.

Delve into our Spirits category today and discover the perfect addition to your collection. Whether for a refined evening sip or to elevate your cocktail creations, our spirits are set to impress with every pour.

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