Antica Sambuca Chilli Flavour
Antica Sambuca Chilli Flavour A classic Italian Sambuca flavoured with chilli. Produced in the valley between The Dolomites Mountains and the historic island of Venice. An Italian speciality from Rossi D Asiago distillers since 1868.
Chambord Liqueur Chambord Liqueur is a superb after dinner liqueur as well as a versatile cocktail ingredient. It is made from small black raspberries and other fruits and herbs combined with honey.
Chase Distillery
Chase Elderflower Liqueur 50cl
Chase Elderflower Liqueur 50cl Chase Elderflower Liqueur is made using fresh locally sourced Elderflowers and fine English potato vodka giving it a pure luxurious quality.
Creme De Bananes Giffard 50cl
Creme De Bananes Giffard 50cl  A sweet yellow coloured liqueur with the flavours of bananas and vanilla.
Creme De Mure Giffard 70cl
Creme De Mure. Infusion of blackberries, Powerful aroma of the blackberry and mellow taste. Great for the perfect Kir Royale champagne cocktails
Creme Framboise Giffard 50cl
Creme Framboise Giffard 50cl  Raspberries have been cultivated since the Middle Ages and are cousins to wild raspberries which come from Southern Europe. These bright red berries have a sweet but sharp taste, remarkably restored by Briottet's...
Irish Distillers Ltd
Irish Velvet
Irish Velvet Made with the finest Irish Whiskey, coffee and sugar. This bottle will make 12 traditional smooth Irish Coffees, when using the recipe on the back label.
Tuaca Liqueur
Tuaca Liqueur   Premium Vanilla Liqueur with Citrus Essences. Tuaca is a stiking blend of rich Madagascar vanilla, distilled essences of Mediterranean citrus fruits and Italian brandies. It has an enticing aroma and a smooth flavour that delivers a...
Rubis Chocolate Wine
Rubis Chocolate Red wine 50cl Notes of rich cherry and red fruit and premium dark chocolate. A fortified wine made from 100% Tempranillo grapes from Central Spain. An ideal compliment to any chocolate-based dessert or drizzled over ice cream. Like...
Danish Kirsberry
Danish Kirsberry.  Kirsberry Liqueur is one of the best selling cherry drinks in the world. Kirsberry is made entirely from Danish cherries to a 100 years old recipe. Kirsberry is a 100% natural product with no artificial colourings or preservatives...
Advocaat Warninks
Warninks Advocaat liqueur. A vivid yellow, with a nose of fresh egg, vanilla, custard and cinnamon. Full-bodied and sweet on the palate with a custard-like consistency and creamy texture. Intensely eggy with a rich "brandy butter" character...
After Shock Black Spiced Berry
After Shock Black Spiced Berry. Hot and Cool, Aftershock Black is a liqueur flavoured with spices and cranberry.
After Shock Hot and Cool Cinnamon Red
After Shock Red is a cinnamon flavoured liqueur that has proved immensely popular since its introduction and is by far the best selling of the range. After Shock Red is normally drunk as a shooter.
Agwa de Bolivia
Agwa de Bolivia
Agwa de Bolivia Coca Leaf Liquor. "Almost fluorescent light green. Very complex nose with herby, minty notes with dry tobacco, bay leaf and hint of eucalyptus. Sweet in the mouth with a peppery sensation on the tongue. Dry finish. Long lasting peppery...
Amaretto Luxardo
Amaretto Luxardo. A classic almond based liqueur, presented in a new elegant award winning bottle. Sip neat after a meal or add a touch to a glass of sparkling wine or champagne.
Amaretto Originale Disaronno 70cl
Amaretto Originale Disaronno 70cl Liqueur Disaronno Originale is a fruity amaretto, with a characteristic bittersweet almond taste. Disaronno claims its "originale" amaretto's "secret formula" is unchanged from the year 1525. Its production...
Amarula Fruit Cream
Amarula cream is a smooth experience of pure and precious blend of natures fresh cream and the mysterious taste of the wild amarula fruit. The amarula tree, indigenous to the southern latidues of sub-equatorial Africa and known by the locals as the...
Angostura Aromatic Bitters
Angostura Bitters. 200ml. A key ingredient to many cocktails, produced in Trinidad.  Ingredients: Water, alcohol (47.7%), spices, natural aromas, sugar, colourant Caramel (E150a)