Picpoul (Piquepoul)

Originating from the sun-kissed vineyards of Southern France, Picpoul is acclaimed for its sharp acidity and lively citrus zest, earning it high praise amongst white wine enthusiasts. 

Picpoul, sometimes spelt 'Piquepoul', is the local term for 'lip-stinger', a tribute to its bright and spirited acidic profile. The wines crafted from this grape celebrate the essence of their origins, often characterised by notes of green apple, citrus, and delicate blossoms, with a hint of sea spray minerality that echoes its Mediterranean roots. 

With its pronounced crispness and tangy character, Picpoul wines are the consummate match for the ocean's harvest. They are especially renowned for their affinity with oysters, shellfish, and an array of seafood, augmenting the natural tastes with its refreshing palate.

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