Pink Port

Pink port is a relatively new variation on the market, first released in 2008 by Pocas, one of the last family owned vineyards in the D'Ouro Valley, and Croft and the Taylor Fladgate Partnership. It is made with the same grapes and according to the same extremely strict rules that govern the production of vintage and tawny and ruby ports. It is technically a ruby port, but fermented the way a rosé wine would be, with a limited exposure to the grape skins, thus the pink colour. Bearing the hallmarks of a light ruby with its taste being lighter in style and containing a fruity flavour, it's commonly served cold in various ways.

Pink Port Croft 50cl
Croft Family Port Shippers
Pink Port Croft 50cl
Croft Pink Port 50cl   Croft Pink is the first ever Port with a beautiful light ruby colour, achieved from light contact with the skins of traditional Port grapes, creating this wonderfully exciting rose style of Port. Served chilled it is...