30th Birthday Ideas

30th? Got an upcoming birthday or anniversary that needs a great gift? Then have a look at these vintage wines and more that are from 30 years ago. Tawny ports, Malts, Madeira and Sherry with 30 years’ age are normally at least 30 years old or an average of 30 years old.

La Gitana
Amontillado Seco Napoleon (VORS)
Amontillado Seco Napoleon.  "Notes of walnut and spice, with a sweet and sour nature. Lively and very refreshing in the mouth. Poised, succulent, very complex and elegant" Claire Hu,  Wine and Spirit. 1st November 2008. Produced according to...
La Gitana
Oloroso Faron (VORS) 30yr Old
Oloroso Faron (Vors) 30yr Old A nose of intensely rich pervading walnut. A dry, intense, rich and deep with a long and powerful flavour. "Wonderfully complex citrus peel, floor polish and spice nose. The palate is funky and complex with profound, fresh,...
La Gitana
Palo Cortado Wellington (VORS)
Palo Cortado Wellington (VORS)   A very old dry fortified wine of Denomination of Origin, ‘Jerez-Xérès-Sherry’. Dark amber, Intensely rich pervading nutty aroma. Dry, very nutty, full bodied on the palate. Serve at room...
La Gitana
Pedro Ximenez Triana (VORS)
Pedro Ximinex Triana (VORS) A wine from the Pedro Ximenex grapes which are first left in the sun to become raisins before pressing. Aged for more than 30 years in the solera system. Matured in butts of American oak, using the oxidative ageing process for...
Taylors Port
Taylors 30 Year Old Tawny Port
Taylor's 30 Year Old Tawny Port Taylor's 30 Year Old Port presented in a Gift Box. Taylor’s is one of the few remaining houses to produce a 30 Year Old aged tawny Port. Selected red Ports produced in the eastern areas of the Douro Valley are...