A cautionary tale

10th Nov 2010

A customer of ours who was having a party found a price for a certain champagne on the Internet from a company who shall remain nameless (they know who they are). Now this price was the lowest price by far and the customer needed 10 cases for a party in two weeks time. He contacted us and said " Look here can you do this wine for this price?" and we could not. He said fine I shall order from this company.

Forward to the day before the party and we get a call, a slightly meek and nervous call. "The champagne has not turned up. They have no stock . They can not deliver till next week. Can you supply the Champagne?" We could and we did.

We may not always have the best prices but we will try and do our best to deliver what we promise and not leave our customers high and dry.

Assuring you all of our best attention at all times.


Frazier's the wine merchants who deliver.

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