At Frazier's Wine Merchants, we are delighted to present our curated collection of Bacchus wines, a varietal that has become a symbol of English winemaking prowess. Bacchus, named after the Roman god of wine, is the UK’s burgeoning answer to aromatic whites, offering a fresh and invigorating taste that has captured the hearts of wine enthusiasts across the globe.

The Bacchus grape variety produces wines with a remarkable profile—lively with floral notes, hints of elderflower, and a crisp, zesty finish. It embodies the cool-climate terroir of England, expressing a balance between subtle fruitiness and refreshing acidity that makes it a versatile choice for any occasion.
The aromatic character of Bacchus wines makes them an excellent partner for a wide array of dishes. From seafood to summer salads, the versatility of Bacchus can enhance a casual meal or add elegance to fine dining.

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