Merlot. The name Merlot is thought to come from merle, the French name for blackbird, and is probably a reference to the colour of the grape.  Merlot is one of the primary grapes used in Bordeaux wine, and it is the most widely planted grape in the Bordeaux region. It’s also one of the most popular red wine varietals around the world.
Merlot is made across the globe, and comes in two main styles. The "International style" favoured by many New World wine regions tends to emphasis late harvesting to gain ripeness and produce full bodied inky, purple coloured wines high in alcohol and filled with  lush, velvety tannins and intense, plum and blackberry fruit.
The traditional "Bordeaux style" of Merlot involves earlier harvesting Merlot to maintain acidity and produce a more medium-bodied wines with moderate alcohol levels and fresh, red fruit flavours.


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