2018 Beaujolais Harvest Update

2018 Beaujolais Harvest Update

Published by William Frazier on 17th Oct 2018

Our Beaujolais nouveau's come from Jean Loron and they have this to say about the 2018 harvest

"We have never had such a harvest, combining quantity and maturity!! 

The 2018 harvest is indeed plentiful. We reached the maximum allowed yields in our estates and appellations, both in the Beaujolais and Mâconnais regions. 

It had not happened for years and after so many harvests marked by frost, hail, drought and diseases; we are finally rewarded by a generous and sunny nature. 

What a relief! 

The harvest 2018 also reached perfect maturity thanks to an extremely favorable weather all along September. 

Sunshine, heat and drought: September’s weather allowed to take maturity to the point of perfection. 

We bet on patience, by postponing the date of harvest, by extending the period of collection to ensure every plot of reached the ideal stage of aromatic and phenolic maturities in spite of somewhat important expenses... 

Back to the weather conditions for this 2018 vintage : 

1st quarter 2018 : 

Heavy rainfalls resulting in the ground waters reaching their optimum level 

Cold and wet Winter and a particularly gloomy early Spring 

2nd quarter 2018 : 

Late bud break (one of the latest over the past twenty years) 

Extremely fast growth of the vegetation in May, with heavy rainfall requiring an increased vigilance for the protection against the diseases (mildew). 

The flowering was early and so was the closure of the cluster, eventually leading to an early vintage. 

The period of maturation of the grapes was one of the shortest ever known, undoubtedly an effect of the global warming… 

This year, we were protected from hailstorms (or almost)... at last! 

And the 2018 vintage? 

The current vinification shows coloured and generous red wines and also expressive, round and distinctive white wines. 

The Nouveaux Wines will be supple and joyful! 

As for the 2018 vintage in general, it will be part of the greatest vintages." 

So looks like November 15th will be a good day in 2018. 

Order your Beaujolais Nouveau 2018 and Beaujolais Villages Nouveau 2018 now to join in on the celebration. 

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