An Exceptional Vintage . Bordeaux En Primeur 2022

An Exceptional Vintage . Bordeaux En Primeur 2022

Published by William Frazier on 3rd May 2023

The 2022 Bordeaux vintage is exceptional, setting a new benchmark for the region with its remarkable balance, freshness, and structure. Despite one of the hottest and driest growing seasons in Bordeaux's history, winemakers have successfully adapted their techniques, producing outstanding red and white wines that show the region's resilience in the face of climate change.

The red wines of the 2022 vintage stand out for their freshness, balance, and vibrant fruit profiles. Winemakers avoided creating overly heavy wines by employing various strategies, such as leaving full canopies of leaves to shade the grapes and dialling in slightly larger crops to preserve freshness and obtain lower alcohol levels. They also focused on picking their grapes at optimal ripeness, giving the wines a crunchy and clean character with fine, structured tannins.
The 2022 Bordeaux red wines have been compared to the legendary vintages of 1947 and 1949, sharing similar qualities of ripeness and freshness. Despite initial concerns that the extreme weather conditions would result in wines similar to the heavy and unbalanced 2003 vintage, the red wines of 2022 are fresh, fruity, and tannic, with energy and vitality. They possess a flamboyant character while maintaining their freshness and form.
The vintage also highlights the greatness of sweet wines, with some winemakers producing potentially the best Sauternes ever. The 2022 Bordeaux vintage offers a wide range of high-quality wines, from small chateaux to renowned estates. Winemakers and experts have praised the vintage's ability to produce outstanding quality wines at all levels.
En Primeur sales for the 2022 Bordeaux vintage are expected in May or June, with high prices anticipated due to strong interest and demand. It is crucial for wine enthusiasts to create a wish list with us, ensuring a chance to purchase the best red wines of this extraordinary vintage. You can take advantage of the opportunity to secure some of the finest examples from the 2022 Bordeaux vintage for your collection.

From the wines I have tasted, several wines stand out. All our scores, along with the other critics are now live on our new look website. Please let us know what you want, and we will do our best to secure them for you.

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