Beaujolais 2015 A vintage report from our wine maker Xavier Barbet president of Jean Loron.

A Great Vintage in Beaujolais

The early declaration of the harvest for the 24th August and the whole region was harvesting by the 29th August (2009: 30th August – 2014 : 8th September) with heatwave conditions.

The grapes are terrific: small, compact but not too tight with good colour and ripeness and very healthy. The grapes have suffered much less “burning” than was experienced in 2014 with the sudden heat. Only younger vines or those on sandy soil have suffered from the dryness.

Unfortunately, the harvest will be a small one, somewhere between 2009 (down 15%) and 2012 (less than half a normal crop); perhaps 50% less in the Crus and 20% less in the Beaujolais, depending on the location.

Good concentration and excellent maturity levels between 12.5 -13 degrees. No malic acid to speak of but a good overall PH (total acidity). The wines will be structured with good ripe soft tannins with light acidity but not in any way as concentrated as in 2003. As in 2009, the wines will be of outstanding quality but in short supply. Vinification will not be straightforward and the 2015 vintage will be a reflection of the quality of the winemaker.

Xavier Barbet

President Jean Loron

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