Chapoutier – Around the World - Discovery Cases

Chapoutier – Around the World - Discovery Cases

Published by Francis Elms on 6th Aug 2020

What’s in a name?

“M. Chapoutier”

A company with a long history dating back as far as 1808, but, since 1990, a producer that has been catapulted into a new era of quality winemaking by the efforts of one man, Michel Chapoutier.

A winemaker who breaks the rules, developing his ideas in new regions outside of the Rhone valley (notably in Alsace, Provence & Roussillon), even establishing wineries in other countries around Europe, and also working in association with like-minded growers in Australia such as Domaine de Tournon & Terlato (both situated in Victoria).

The house of Chapoutier is based in the town of Tain L’Hermitage in the northern Rhone, where the Syrah grape is king. Further south, varieties such as Grenache Noir and Mourvedre (for reds), along with Viognier, Marsanne and Roussanne (for white wines), are also used.

Michel is passionate about the land. All of his top vineyards are now worked using the principle of biodynamic viticulture and, as a consequence, no harmful herbicides or pesticides are used. Only organic matter is added to the soil which encourages “life” to flourish, so helping the vines yield their optimum quality fruit. Ploughing in the vineyards is now done using horses, rather than tractors, which reduces soil compaction. The timing of all the necessary work in the vineyard, such as winter pruning, crop harvesting, etc., is based around the idea that there is a natural rhythm to the earth, sun and moon phases which, if followed, will allow for all the distinctive characteristics of the particular site to shine through in the finished wines. The French know it as “Terroir” and, with biodynamics, it can transform the merely average into something truly great. Chapoutier produce some of the most exciting, revered wines in all of France and some fantastic, every day, good value wines that drinkers will find hard to beat for the price.

Here at Frazier’s we’ve put together two special “Discovery Case” selections that highlight the quality and value of wines from Chapoutier.

In limited quantities, why not sample Michel’s wines at preferential prices?

The ”Platinum” selection features wines from both the Rhone and the top international vineyards.

Discover more here

The “Gold” selection showcases wines that are new to Chapoutier. Excellent quality and value for money.

Discover more here

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