Frazier's in Space!

Frazier's in Space!

Published by Francis Elms on 1st Apr 2021

*** A special announcement***  

Frazier's first "Aerial-Propulsion-Regional-Insta-Lifter" delivery drone is here!

With traditional road/rail/air logistic companies suffering massive disruption, we've been searching for a way to help our loyal customers by finding new methods of providing a broader range of transport options. Perhaps, in years to come, we'll be able to "beam" items straight to your front room, but we're still talking "Science Fiction" here. Recent advancements in technology, though, has brought forward the idea of using powerful drones capable of carrying heavy weights for commercial uses and, as you would expect, Frazier's has jumped at the chance to bring this to you. A huge boost in online sales over the last 12 months has meant a change in delivery strategy. To increase our worldwide service network, from today, a new facility using delivery drones will be available (if someone can find the remote). 

After booking, individual parcels will be dropped to any location of your choice. Please check with drone-operations manager, April, for pricing and calendar details. Duty and VAT arrangements will be confirmed later.

Frazier's Bordeaux Wines In Space

A second, even more exciting follow up to the recent experimental #Petrus flight on the #InternationalSpaceStation will mean that a selection of, as yet, unreleased 2020 #Pomerol wines will be stored on the #ISS until ready for drone delivery in original wooden cases in two years' time. As the #ISS is outside of normal HMRC trading conditions, wines may be stored for free, but will incur normal charges on delivery (NB: subject to change before midnight on 1.4.23)

Look out for more information on which wines will receive this unbelievable, world-first treatment. A true one off for the connoisseur who wants something that offers a unique investment opportunity. Don't be fooled by lesser deals!

A remarkable transformation of the pigmentation in the wine occurs over time in the zero gravity of space and expect to find that your red Bordeaux will turn white during storage. This is perfectly normal and cannot be replicated in standard "Earth" aged wines. Everyone will be in awe of your "White" Petrus. Valuable? Ask a financial expert.

Enjoy your wines this April however you choose to have them delivered. You could, of course, just "Click & Collect", the old-fashioned way.

Some of us are still planted resolutely on "Terra Firma"!

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