Sherry lovers step into spring with the latest release of La Gitana Manzanilla En Rama Sherry.

Sherry lovers step into spring with the latest release of La Gitana Manzanilla En Rama Sherry.

Published by William Frazier on 21st Mar 2018

The flor (the collection of yeast that floats on the top of the sherry) has spoken.

Intense, complex and aromatic on the nose with aromas of esparto grass, brine and sea breeze. This is En Rama and it has a wonderful salty character, influenced by the proximity of the cellars in Sanlucár to the mouth of the Guadalquivir River, the Atlantic Ocean (only 300m away) as well as the altitude of the Balbaina vineyard (110m). On the palate, this wine is fresh, dry and delicate with flavours of green almonds and green apple. A touch of salinity and citrus bitterness on the finish leaves you wanting more! This wine immediately transports you to the beachside bars in Sanlucár.

Manzanilla En Rama is sherry at its very best – unfiltered, unrefined, pure free run juice directly from the barrel! Only made from grapes grown from the highest quality vineyards, Balbaina and Miraflores, this Manzanilla is released in extremely limited quantities (only 35 barrels of the solera are used) and can be considered the best value sherry in the world.

Matthew Jukes wine critic said of the last vintage

"It’s a parcel that I am very excited to open each year. It’s not very big and it only weighs a few pounds but when the dinky, preview, sample bottle of La Gitana’s En Rama arrives I get a roller-coaster thrill...La Gitana is one of the most incredible wines found on our shelves and there is a bottle stationed permanently in my fridge tastes like you are standing in the Bodega and have simply plunged your arm into the barrel and pulled out and ice cold glass of electrifying Manzanilla."

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