Wedding Wine – a brief guide

Wedding Wine – a brief guide

Published by William Frazier on 1st Sep 2015

At Frazier’s, we are delighted to offer any help we can as you plan for your big day. We take our weddings very seriously. The choice of the right wines and sparkling wines can be a fantastic addition to the atmosphere of any wedding and we're here to ensure your choice does just that!

Great wines that you and your guests will enjoy and remember do not have to be expensive. Talk to one of our team and we will help you find the right wines.

Three to six months in advance

How many guests are you going to celebrate with and what is your drinks budget?

If you are looking at hotels or other catered venues, ask them if they will allow you bring in your own wines and if so, is there a charge (known as 'corkage')? If your own wines are allowed, selecting Frazier’s can save you money and allow you to serve great wines without paying the full hotel mark up (depending on the corkage charged by the hotel) allowing you to choose a wines you really like.

Try to spend in the region of £8 to £10 a bottle at least to get wines that will be a pleasure to drink (but not supermarket wines that may well be discounted next week).

If you choose to have the reception at home, our huge range guarantees you can go for something that will suit your guests and you perfectly.

Once you’ve decided on your menu, that's the time to come in to us! Our food matching service will help you choose the ideal wines for the food you are serving your guests.

Your wine choice

We have a huge range of wines to choose from so talk to us and we’ll give you a list of recommendations. We would suggest you take a range of options home to sample. Why not invite some friends around and have a tasting party before you make your final choice? This can be one of the most relaxed, enjoyable parts of the whole planning process! Alternatively, if you want to be even more coordinated, take the wines to your menu tasting if you're having one.

In any case, make sure to taste the wines with food - preferably something along the lines of your main courses. Food transforms wine and vice-versa so you'll really get a sense of how they'll work on the day by having them with food.

White or red? Normally half red and half white is about right although this may vary towards white during the summer and on a hot day it can be nearly all white. Don’t worry though we will help with this and we offer sale or return so you can always be sure that you will have plenty whatever the weather.

How many wines for the wedding? 

Normally, guests will only expect one of each. And then you may want a Champagne or sparkling wine for the toast or the reception on arrival. Rosé is becoming increasingly popular but a third option can be difficult for staff to serve during the meal – how about some for the drinks on arrival?

How much wine for the wedding? 

A standard 75cl wine bottle holds 5 medium glasses if poured by trained catering staff. As a general rule, allow half a bottle plus a bit extra for each guest. A standard 75cl Champagne bottle holds 6 flutes of Champagne . For a toast, allow one glass of bubbly per head.

For a reception assume your guests will drink a flute for every half an hour they are standing.

So for a wedding with 100 guests, wine with the meal, a toast, and a sparkling reception for an hour you will need around 28 bottles of red, 28 white and 50 bottles of sparkling. That’s about a thousand pounds. Not bad for five rounds for 100 people.

Don’t worry about over-ordering. Cases will supply you on a sale or return basis up to 25% of the total value, once they are unused and a resalable condition.

And beer? We stock a range of craft beers for sale.

What else? Don’t forget water especially for a summer wedding, soft drinks and juices for your non-drinking guests and those driving. And what about ice? If you're catering at home you'll need plenty of that!

So send us an email or pick up the phone

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