You want some great Riesling?   Ask the "Doktor" himself... is it "Rees-ling" or "Rye-sling"?   We know the answer!

You want some great Riesling? Ask the "Doktor" himself... is it "Rees-ling" or "Rye-sling"? We know the answer!

Published by Francis Elms on 15th Jan 2020

One of the best winemakers in the world is coming here to #FraziersWineStudio on Wednesday, 22nd January

Who can it be? 

Why is he coming?

What is he bringing?

Is he driving an old VW camper van?

Well, to answer these all important questions for you:

1/... It's Ernie Loosen! (The "Doktor" in Dr. Loosen)

2/... he makes brilliant Riesling wines (and we love both drinking & selling classic Riesling at Frazier's) 

3/... and the wines, oh the wines, we've just seen the bottles arrive, and they are going to be spectacular

4/... we don't think so!

The Mosel valley in Germany is renowned for its delicate, racy, Riesling wines and Ernie makes some of the best there are.

Famous villages along the winding Mosel river include Urzig, Wehlen and Erden and Loosen has vineyards in all of these prime locations.

Low yielding vines are aged between 60 and 120 years' old and are mostly grown, ungrafted, on ludicrously steep, slate slopes that can only be worked by hand. Mountain goats would be useful additions to the vineyard team!

Urzig is different, in that its soil is red and volcanic in origin, producing wines with a pronounced spicy character.

All produce an incredible balancing act of fruit ripeness, acidity and minerality that justifies the claim that Riesling really is the supreme, white-grape variety on earth. We're serious!

The best wines from Germany are, for the quality, seriously underpriced, when compared with the likes of Bordeaux and Burgundy from France, or the top rated Tuscan, Brunello & Piedmont, Barolo wines.

Yes, some have now reached the dizzying heights of £50 a bottle but, even at this level, they're worth it as the ageing potential is almost unlimited and the flavour development and complexity is simply spellbinding.

For this tasting evening, we've got some sparkling Riesling Sekt; classic Kabinett, Spatlese and Auslese "Pradikat" wines; a range of new-style, full-bodied, dry & food-friendly, single vineyard "GG" wines (Grosses Gewachs: equivalent to the French "Grand Cru" designation) and, to finish, the sublime, sweet and honeyed Beerenauslese.

So, something for everyone as long as you like white wine!

You'll be able to ask Ernie if he's going to move into red wines (global warming?), or just how to pronounce "Riesling".

Is it "Rees-ling", or "Rye-sling"?

We know the correct answer and it definitely won't work with a "Brummie" accent!

Tickets are available here priced at £25 per person.

Don't miss the rare opportunity to meet the man, himself, Ernie Loosen, here at #FraziersWineStudio

Once you've tasted the wines you'll want to drive away with a van load of Riesling. 

Bring your "V-Dub".

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