Rates of return

11th Jun 2013

As any financial salesman will tell you the key to the success of an investment is the rate of return. 

What they don’t tell you is the damage their annual fees have to that rate of return, so much so the government has moved the financial industry to declare their fees upfront and remove the annual commission that erodes the value of the investment.

Storage Charges have a similar effect on the cost of wine ownership as well.

At Frazier’s we have the lowest storage charges by some margin, this is not down to the latest technology, it is simply by using cellars deep underground that require no heating or cooling to keep your and our wines in the perfect environment. Over the course of the maturation of a Claret (10 – 20 Years) or Port (20 – 50 Years) these cost savings are quite enormous.

Cost of ownership for 10 years of 1 case of wine to drink



Cost of ownership for 20 years of 1 case of wine for investment



As you can see from the table above some of our competitors are charging only few pounds more per annum and yet this can lead to an increase in ownership cost of over 10% for a single case of wine while it matures.

So it is as important if not more in wine ownership and investment to pay as good a rate for your storage as you do initially for your wine.

For further details please do not hesitate to contact the team on 0121 704 3415.


William Frazier

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