Vidal blanc (or simply Vidal) is a white hybrid grape produced from Ugni blanc (also known as Trebbiano Toscano) and another variety, Rayon d'Or. It is a very winter-hardy variety that manages to produce high sugar levels in cold climates with moderate to high acidity.

The grape was developed in the 1930s by French wine grape breeder Jean Louis Vidal. However, due to its winter hardiness this grape variety is cultivated most extensively in the Canadian wine regions of Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia where it is often used for ice wine production.

Pelee Island Vidal Ice Wine, Ontario, Canada, 2016
Pelee Island
Pelee Island Vidal Ice Wine 2016
Pelee Island Vidal Ice Wine VQA, Ontario, Canada, 2016  This dessert wine is lusciously sweet and smooth with rich, concentrated aromas of apricots and peaches. Icewine is a rare and exquisite product that had its beginnings in Europe nearly two...