Vouvray is a French region of the Loire Valley located in Touraine. The Chenin blanc wines of Vouvray are characterized by the grape's natural high acidity. The perception of that acidity and style of wine will be determined based on the balance of sugar in the wine. Dry or sec styles will have more noticeable acidity than the sweeter demi-sec and moelleux. The acidity is also a key component to the wine's ageing ability. Depending on the style, Vouvrays can exhibit notes of honey, nuts, ginger, fig, apples and white flowers. Vouvrays are often paired with rich, hearty dishes and flavourful sauces.

Vouvray La Forcine, Loire, France, 2020
La forcine
Vouvray La Forcine 2020
Vouvray La Forcine, Loire, France, 2020    Grape variety, 100% Chenin Blanc unoaked.  A classic medium dry Vouvray. Apple aromas on the nose, followed by elegant fruity citrus and ripe pear flavours on the palate, added to the wine's off...