Wine Preservation

Wine preservation Systems. There are several two main types of wine preservation vacuum and inert gas. Both seek to reduce the effect of oxidisation on your wine before you consume it.

Vitop Bag in Box Connector
The standard Vitop connector is designed to ensure fast, economic, reliable and tight connections to pump or gravity flow distribution systems used in pubs and restaurants. Tightness is insured by a specially designed tap/connector interface...
Le Cruset
Wine Pump and 3 Stoppers by Le Cruset
Wine Pump and 3 Stoppers by Le Cruset WA137 Once wine has been opened, it is important to preserve it properly so as to enjoy the rest of the bottle another day. The Le Creuset metal wine pump preserves wine by removing air from inside an opened...
Le Cruset
2 Stoppers for Le Cruset Wine Pump
Set of 2 Stoppers WA138 Le Creuset Wine Accessories are a natural extension to the cookware, kitchen and dining collections, offering all you need for home entertaining. Each Le Creuset Wine Accessories product encompasses stylish design and...
Le Cruset
Star Opener SW100 by Le Cruset
Star Opener SW100 by Le Cruset Add a touch of sophistication to your celebration with this stylish Sparkling Wine Opener. It will help you open your Sparkling Wine easily and safely.  The Le Creuset Sparkling Wine Star is an innovative and...
Professional Bar Products
Wine Stoppers
Wine Stoppers A professional wine stopper for use in re-sealing a bottle. Lost the cork or screw cap gone missing? These are ideal for short term re sealing resealing of a standard wine bottle.