Australian Fortified Wines

Port-style wines from Australia. Through the first half or so of the 20th century, most wines produced in Australia were ‘fortified’ wines such as Muscats, or Sherry and Port-styled wines. Now they produce delightful ‘Stickies’, also known as dessert wines alongside the historic tawny style port wines.

Penfolds Winery
Penfolds Father Grand Tawny 10 Year Old
Penfolds Father Grand Tawny 10 Year Old  A blend of many outstanding tawny components separately matured in seasoned old oak casks, with a minimum blended average age of ten years. The results yields a wine of generous concentration, vitality,...
Yalumba Wines
Museum Muscat Yalumba
Museum Reserve Muscat Non-Vintage Yalumba South Australia   This luscious dessert wine is deep amber to tawny in colour, with the classic perfumed aroma of the Muscat grape - rose petal, ginger and orange peel, with a hint of raisined fruit...
Penfolds Winery
Penfolds Grandfather Rare Tawny
Penfolds Grandfather Rare Tawny Deep amber - mahogany in colour with the green gold tinges indicative of great age. The nose is extremely complex and fragrant, possessing an array of nutty, vanillin, aged characters melding seamlessly with hints of...
Penfolds Winery
Penfolds Great Grandfather Rare Tawny
Penfolds Great Grandfather Rare Tawny    Mourvedre, Shiraz, Cabernet and Grenache (but not limited to these varieties) aged in a solera system for 20 years and then aged for a further 10.An extremely dark mahogany brown with an intense olive...
Baileys of Glenrowan
Rare Old Topaque Baileys of Glenrowan Winemakers Selection
Rare Old Topaque Baileys of Glenrowan Winemakers Selection, Victoria, Australia  This limited edition, ultra-premium Old Topaque fits within the “rare” classification for fortified wines and is the embodiment of the rich, luscious...