Barbera is a red Italian wine grape variety that, as of 2000, was the third most-planted red grape variety in Italy (after Sangiovese and Montepulciano). It is known for deep colour, low tannins and high levels of acid.

Century-old vines still exist in many regional vineyards and allow for the production of long-aging, robust red wines with intense fruit and enhanced tannic content. The best known appellation is the DOCG Barbera d'Asti in the Piedmont region. When young, the wines offer a very intense aroma of fresh red and blackberries. In the lightest versions notes of cherries, raspberries and blueberries and with notes of blackberry and black cherries in wines made of more ripe grapes. 

Barbera d Asti Ca Solare 2014
Ca Solare
Barbera d Asti Ca Solare 2014
Barbera d Asti Ca Solare 2014   100% Barbera Barbera d Asti Ca Solare is made from Barbera, the classic red grape of Piemonte’s Asti Region. This wine has enticing warm, smoky aromas, with soft round brambly fruit flavours. A perfect partner...