Saving the planet ... one bottle at a time

Saving the planet ... one bottle at a time

Published by Francis Elms on 1st Nov 2019

Blue Truck in Vineyard - Photo by Cayton Heath on Unsplash

Saving the planet ... one bottle at a time!

Plant more obscure vine varieties ... add to the biodiversity ... walk or cycle, don't drive to the shops ... come and visit Frazier's #WineStudio in Solihull for that "planet saving" glass (not plastic) bottle of #wine. 

No, you can't bring along an empty, re-usable bottle and fill up from a pump, but you can go a step further in your green credentials by buying #organic, #biodynamic, or #vegetarian wine.

If you really want to go the final stage, you can drink "#vegan friendly" wines. 

Currently, we have 142 on the list.

It's all about the use (or not) of animal products in the wine-making process. 

Warning: #WineGeekNote!

Generally, certain products, including those such as egg whites, which are fine for vegetarians, and gelatine (meat-based, so not suitable for #vegetarians or #vegans), are used to clarify a wine. If you like your wines cloudy, or trendy "natural", you can drink them safely whatever your lifestyle choices. It doesn't make a wine better quality, but, very often, those wine-makers who strive for the upmost in quality, will use all of these methods to produce wines that just have that elusive "something" that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Unfortunately, there are now many more commercial wines that claim to be #vegan although all they use is an earth fining process that strips out most of the flavour. Technically, it's vegan, but it's usually still a very dull wine to drink!

So, the moral to this? Ask your (vegan) friendly, local wine merchant for advice, and you won't go wrong.

Today, Friday, November 1st, just happens to be "World Vegan Day", so, if you'd like to take advantage of our SAVE 10% off any purchase of #vegan wines, do pay us a visit at the #WineStudio 

(Please note: Cars are still allowed to park outside. You don't have to walk here!)

The offer is available IN-STORE ONLY, and runs until Saturday, 9th November (excludes Champagne)

A few of Frazier's #vegan favourites for a "special bottle" this weekend are as follows:

A classic Bourgogne Pinot Noir from Domaine Parent.

The palate is dry and medium bodied with deliciously consistent spice and sweet fruit notes. Finely balanced and great value at £19 a bottle.

A 12 year old, mature red by Mitchell. The “McNicol” Shiraz, from Clare Valley, Australia, has very dark red, almost black at the centre, garnet at the rim. Fragrant complex nose, with dark fruits (black cherries, blackberries and dark plums), dark chocolate and smoky/cedary oak; integrated and complete. Core of firm palate, dark fruit flavours supported by integrated oak and fine tannins. Medium to full-bodied, with a long dry finish that carries its 14.5% alcohol with ease.

Now entering its optimum drinking period, this wine is elegant and classy. The primary fruit flavours of youth have given way to the more complex aromas and tastes of maturity. 

For £25 a bottle, you get a lot for your money!

For white wine drinkers, why not splash out on an elegant Chateau de Tracy, Pouilly-Fumé

100% Sauvignon Blanc with a pale gold colour & silver highlights. 

The first nose is very intense and complex mixing notes of tropical fruits, honeysuckle and lemon. With aeration, it reveals more complex notes of boxwood, followed by a mineral and pepper that underline an interesting freshness.

On the palate, the suave attack is accompanied by an aromatic return on the citrus fruits. The mouth quickly gains in vivacity and takes on mineral, lime and grapefruit aromas. A toasted hint in the finish provides a nice and pleasant length.

One of the most well known Pouilly-Fumé, this will set you back £23.25

For those who need bubbles in their life, try some English wine from Jenkyn Place

Combining the steeliness of a young Cotes de Blancs champagne with the tightrope acidity of the very best English sparkling wines. Fantastic clarity, purity, and engaging length.

£30 a bottle!

I like the wrong kind of #cheese too much, so going #vegan is out of the question. 

But I will drink the wines!!!

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